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To Design Samples - page 2


Logo Tune-Ups

One of my specialties is tuning up and refining old logos or logo ideas provided by the client

This symbol was originally created with pen and ink. It is a good idea but crudely rendered. Note how the main figure is oddly proportioned and off-center.

AOH original logo

The tuned-up logo and custom logotype are now scalable vector images that better reflect the spirit of the company and it's line of herbal products.

Tuned-up AOH logo

This logo was a jpeg image supplied by the client.

TRF original logo

The tuned-up version is a scalable vector image that is less confined and much easier to read.

TRF logo tuned-up

This logo concept was created by the client and emailed to me as a jpeg image.


GS logo original


The tuned-up version is a scalable vector image. It now has a wave to suggest water, and custom two-toned logotype that harmonizes with the rest of the design.

Garden Spirit logo